HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment

Western States HIFU in Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to Western States HIFU – The most experienced HIFU center in the Western United States!  We are a premier center of excellence for the advanced treatment of prostate cancer.  Under the medical direction of Robert G. Pugach, MD, Western States HIFU is a leading provider of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology to treat both untreated/newly diagnosed and previously treated (recurrent) prostate cancer.

HIFU is the FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure for prostate cancer that is as effective as surgery and radiation and has significantly fewer side effects. Dr. Robert Pugach has been treating patients for more than 17 years with HIFU and is one of the most experienced HIFU urologists in the world. Prostate cancer can be cured while keeping you dry and potent!

Experience counts! Call Western States HIFU today for your personal consultation with Robert Pugach, M.D. We offer telephone and online consultation for patients who do not live in Southern California, out-of-state and international patients. Call 877-884-HIFU, (877) 884-4438, or submit a request via our secure online form.


Dr. Robert Pugach has two urology clinic in Los Alamitos.

For patients who live in other states  and for international patients who want to discuss prostate cancer treatment options with Dr. Pugach, we offer telephone and online/virtual consultations.

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Why Choose Dr. Pugach?

Dr. Robert Pugach is the medical director of Western States HIFU.

Dr. Robert Pugach has been treating patients with HIFU for more than 17 years and is one of most experienced HIFU urologists in the world. He is also one of the few certified HIFU teachers to teach urologists how to perform HIFU.

About Western States HIFU

Western States HIFU is on the forefront of new, innovative treatments for prostate cancer, including High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

Western States HIFU has been the leader in minimally invasive, innovative prostate treatments including being the most experienced practitioner of cryoablation – freezing prostates – for cancer. After 17 years of HIFU experience, he continues that tradition as one of the most experienced HIFU urologists in the world.