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5 Stars

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5 Stars

"I had HIFU almost 3 years ago.  I flew to Puerto Vallarta on a Sunday, had HIFU with Dr. Pugach on Monday, flew home on Tuesday and went back to work on Wednesday!  I felt then, and I still feel now, like a young man again!  My energy is great and I can't wait to go to work every day." TS

5 Stars

Five years cancer free!
Five years ago at the age of 62 I had a routine blood test that indicated my PSA was elevated to the point that further tests would be required.  I had no symptoms and felt normal.  One risk factor that was important was that my father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in his 60's.  After discussing the situation with my wife we decided further investigation was warranted.  

As a retired firefighter of 30 plus years I was well aware of the issue of prostate cancer as it had affected numerous friends that I had worked with.  The majority had been less than satisfied with the treatment and results post-surgery.  Incontinence and loss of sexual function seemed to be the norm.  After numerous conversations with people I trusted I was really in a quandary as to how to proceed.  Fortunately, I ran into a good buddy who is a retired police officer with the City of Long Beach.  He had recently had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and had been referred to Dr. Pugach in Los Alamitos.  Following his diagnosis and ultimate treatment he was ecstatic with the results.  He was back to pretty much normal within a couple of months and most importantly cancer free.

I made the decision to put myself in the hands of Dr. Pugach and hope for the best.  Five years later I am cancer free and have full sexual function, no incontinence and pretty much lead a normal life.  HIFU was something I had never heard of but because of word of mouth from people I trusted I decided to give it a try.  It worked and I have been very pleased with the results.  Dr. Pugach and his staff have been exceptional.  I highly recommend HIFU as a treatment option for prostate cancer.  Dr. Pugach has an extensive history with HIFU and is considered one of the preeminent urologists in his field.  He's also a good guy.  

DT, Mission Viejo, CA

5 Stars

My brother was diagnosed 5 years ago with metastatic prostate cancer. He was the type of guy who didn’t visit the doctor and when he finally did, he found that he had stage 4 colon cancer and has his tumor removed. He now lives with a colostomy bag. He was lucky to survive that.

After dealing with the colon cancer, he learned he had prostate cancer which had travelled to his bones in the pelvic area and spine.

When Dr. Pugach heard about all of this 5 years ago, he said he was going to monitor me carefully because he thought it would be inevitable that I would also get prostate cancer. After 5 biopsies over 5 years and 3 MRI’s, Dr. Pugach found my prostate cancer.

Unlike my brother, I chose to have HIFU early and get rid of my cancer so that I could continue to live a long and healthy life. Five days before Christmas 2018, I had my HIFU treatment and enjoyed Christmas with my family. No one knew I was wearing a leg bag (catheter) and no one knew I even went through this procedure over the holidays except for my immediate family.

Today I had my catheter removed and I feel great! All I can say is, I hope your willget a doctor like Dr. Pugach who will be persistent in your situation and will take care of you the way he did for me. He had first hand experience with his brother and himself, so I knew I was in good hands.

Thank God for Dr. Pugach

RF, Long Beach (January 2019)

5 Stars

I studied HIFU for about ten years before it became legal in the USA. I was told by my Urologist that I was not a candidate for HIFU my Gleason score was #7 and that I had cancer on both sides of my Urethra. I Made an appointment with Dr Pagach. They did an MRI and a Bone Scan and said I was a candidate. I made an appointment for the HIFU procedure It was done at 2:30 pm on 03/28/2018 I was was done at 7:30 PM I had dinner at a restaurant at 8:30 PM everything went as he discussed with me. No cutting No Bleeding No Pain we stayed at the local Marriott and drove home 270 miles 2 days after the procedure two weeks later doing great. I would recommend highly this procedure to any one that has prostate cancer. Dr Pugach can give my contact Information for reference on request. Pete S

5 Stars

I was very lucky when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer to be introduced to Dr. Pugach. He gave me all of the options possible for my treatments. After my research and talking with my Doctors, I decided to go with Dr. Pugach for the HIFU surgery. This was the best decision of my life. Dr. Pugach and his office staff have knowledgeable, patient, caring, and just took care of me. Dr. Pugach is the best in his field and I would strongly recommend him.
Jeff V.

5 Stars

After undergoing a biopsy, Dr. Robert Pugach explained treatment options ranging from watchful waiting to HIFU. Even though my prostate cancer was in the early stages, I decided to be treated with
HIFU. I’m not the type of man that can wait and watch. My HIFU procedure was performed in June 2014 in Puerto Vallarta. I'm very thankful that I was in the hands of one of the most experienced HIFU
Doctors in the country. Also, thanks to the HIFU Prostate Services team, and a HIFU patient that I spoke with, who is now a good friend, for guiding me through the entire procedure. I’m a strong advocate for
prostate cancer screening and will do all I can to help educate men about HIFU.

5 Stars

Six and 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer by Dr. Pugach. I had come in for a couple of years for urology check- ups. After a high PSA, he did a biopsy and confirmed the diagnosis.
Dr. Pugach discussed all of my options with me. At the time, he was doing HIFU in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. I chose HIFU because it was the best I could do. Mexico was great, I came home a couple days later. I returned to work feeling great, the same as I did before surgery. I work on my own so I was able to work when I was ready.
Today I feel great. I feel like I never had surgery. I would recommend HIFU to anyone considering treatment of their prostate cancer. I am happy with everything he did and I’m grateful to have a great quality of life. Thank you Dr. Pugach - Abel, treated in 2010

Hace 6 años ½  me diagnosticaron con cáncer de próstata por el Dr. Pugach . Yo había sido objeto de un par de años para copias de urología check. Después de un alto nivel de PSA, me hizo una biopsia y se confirmó el diagnóstico . El Dr. Pugach discutido todas mis opciones conmigo . En ese momento, él estaba haciendo HIFU en Puerto Vallarta , México. Elegí HIFU porque era lo mejor que podía hacer. México era grande , llegué a casa un par de días más tarde. Volví a trabajar sensación grande, lo mismo que lo hacía antes de la cirugía. Yo trabajo por mi cuenta, así que era capaz de trabajar cuando estaba listo. Hoy me siento muy bien . Siento como si nunca hubiera tenido la cirugía . Yo recomendaría a cualquiera que esté considerando HIFU el tratamiento de su cáncer de próstata. Estoy contento con todo lo que hizo y estoy agradecido de tener una gran calidad de vida. Gracias Dr. Pugach - Abel, treated in 2010

5 Stars

Dr. Pugach is a fantastic, understanding doctor. His staff relates to him and they are very efficient and professional, which makes me feel very comfortable. Dr. Pugach operated on my prostate 18 years ago! I would recommend him to anyone.

– Stanley Y.

5 Stars

I wanted to take a minute to tell you how grateful that Jane and I are for your quick action, logical diagnosis process, recommendations and general responsiveness to our diagnosis of prostate cancer, Gleason 4+5. In the end, we decided on removal of the prostate at City of Hope as opposed to the HIFU process.

I think it might be helpful for you to know our decision making process. I was concerned about the aggressive type of cancer, the odds of reoccurrence in five years, and the risk that insurance would not stick with me once HIFU was performed. I was also very concerned about the method the body cleans up the detritus created by HIFU and bladder and urethra issues associated with it. All this considered, I just wanted the prostate out. I would deal with the known consequences. You were all fantastic, but in the end run, I took your advice and called City of Hope. It was clear to them that we needed to move quickly. Surgery using the DaVinci microsurgery was performed Saturday, January 22, by Dr. Lau. One week later, I have been diagnosed “cancer free.” There was no cancer on the periphery and none in the lymph nodes. While we will watch this carefully over the next months and years this is as good an outcome as might be expected with my Gleason score. I have no incontinence, and, well, the rest, we will see. Thank you again for your role in this process. Without your expert testing and guidance, I could not be sitting here today giving this report.

– Ron

5 Stars

I wish that all doctors were like Dr. Pugach, knowledgeable, listens, friendly well organized staff and available when needed. I was having some urinary problems and was diagnosed by another doctor and I did not think it was correct. I met with Dr. Pugach and he listened carefully and indicated to me that he did not agree with the other diagnosis. As it turns out, I had prostate cancer. Dr. Pugach spent time and described all the various solutions and presented the pros and cons of each procedure. He patiently answered all my questions then and each time I met him both before and after the procedure, and always asked if he addressed all my questions. I chose to do the HIFU, Intensity Focused Ultrasound which is not yet approved in the USA; however is approved in most of the world. Dr Pugach performs the procedure in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He was scheduled to be there in July 2011; however he did not want me to wait until then and made a special trip for me (missing a Urology convention) in May. I am very pleased with the outcome of the procedure and, especially, the fine treatment by Dr. Pugach who I unreservedly recommend to anyone with Urological needs.

– Duke O.

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