5 Year Multicenter Study Demonstrates Efficacy of Focal Therapy With Minimal Side Effects

September 20, 2018 8:46 am Published by

Prostate cancer treatment with HIFU continues to improve and ever-increasing numbers of patients are asking for it.  While treating the entire prostate is commonly done for larger or more extensive cancers, research shows that limiting treatment to select areas of cancer is equally effective for small cancers. 

Focal HIFU ScreenA 5-year multicenter study published in The European Urology Journal shows that focal therapy, limited to a small area, achieves cancer control rates equivalent to whole gland treatment while reducing the already low side effect rates of HIFU to new levels.  There is a fraction of the side effects seen in patients who have radical surgery or radiation.

As I saw when I was in London last year observing one of the authors of this new study, Mark Emberton, perform focal treatments, patient treatment time is much less and catheterization time is much lower.Dr. Pugach & Mark Emberton in London

Not only are more patients asking to have HIFU; many more urologists are learning how to do it. It’s a busy time for those of us who teach doctors how to do HIFU. Focal therapy adds an exciting dimension to the wide range of available HIFU treatments.

Learn more, 5-Year Sonablate® Study Shows Focal HIFU for Prostate Cancer Yields Excellent Cancer Control with Minimal Side Effects (read press release).

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