Dr. Robert Pugach Attends 3rd Annual HIFU Sonablate User’s Group

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This month, I was honored to be invited to the annual HIFU prostate cancer experts’ meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This rapidly growing event brings together prostate cancer authorities from all over the world to discuss and share ideas about advances in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.  At our meeting (October 19 & 20), there were about 50 leading physicians. Speakers came from many parts of the world including Europe, Canada and throughout the U.S. Large academic centers participated, including the Mayo Clinic, USC and New York University.  A few highlights:

  • Mark Emberton, Britain’s leading prostate cancer authority and researcher, presented his data from the landmark article he published in European Urology 2 months ago about the success
    MRI Images

    A few of the hundreds of MRI images reviewed at the Oct. 2018th HIFU Experts meeting.

    of focal (limited) HIFU procedures as compared to radical surgery.  The discussion covered many areas, including the role of advanced imaging studies and ways of monitoring patients after treatment.

  • That was followed by a discussion of new, emerging technologies for prostate cancer treatment.  These range from new laser devices, the nanoknife, nano particles and injectable medications. Frankly, most of these will never get to the point where they will be practical or useful but that’s one of the wonderful benefits of scientific meetings like this.  Participants provided constructive comments and criticism to help the researchers understand the potential benefits – and limitations – of these new treatment possibilities.
  • Presentation that showed the clinical superiority of the Sonacare HIFU system as compared to the French Ablatherm/Focal One device.   As I have previously mentioned, the U.S. built Sonablate HIFU device delivers more energy with more precision and less side effects. This lecture clearly showed this!
  • The final presentation was a live video conference with Dr. Doug Pendse from London.  He gave an excellent presentation about advanced MRI techniques and how they can be incorporated into clinical practice.  He also briefly discussed the new PSMA-11 scan and its potential benefits over current MRI images. It was a high-tech discussion that was appropriate given the advanced technology we have in the HIFU system!
  • Dr. Klotz from Toronto lectured on the genetics of prostate cancer.  This is the future of cancer treatment. We are on the cusp of understanding why cancer develops and how we can harness the immune system to fight cancer.  It opens the door to a new, remarkable, exciting age in healthcare and cancer treatment.

On  a final note, at dinner, I was honored with 4 other physicians as one of the most experienced HIFU physicians in the country.   Along with these 4 other doctors, we now perform 60% of all HIFU procedures nationwide for HIFU Prostate Services.

SonaCare Medical’s 3rd Annual Sonablate User Group Meeting (October 18 & 20) in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This private meeting is held for global HIFU Sonablate physicians to gather, learn, and collaborate on a wide range of topics surrounding HIFU technology.

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