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Dr. Pugach celebrated 32 years in private practice and continues to be the leader in minimally invasive urology! Learn more about the milestones achieved by Dr. Pugach and the staff of Western States HIFU.


  • Dr. Pugach started teaching HIFU in Arizona and increased Southern California training sessions as HIFU continued to expand dramatically!
  • Evans Tran, PA was the featured speaker at the Urology Advanced Practice Providers meeting.
  • Evans attended Medtronic’s meeting for Advanced Interstim® Implanters.
  • We learned that Dr. Pugach did the most HIFU procedures in the entire HIFU Prostate Services network of providers in 2019!
  • Evans traveled to the Philippines for her 5th amazing Medical Mission, bringing healthcare to thousands of underserved people.


  • Dr. Pugach hosted an educational dinner and a hands-on teaching session for doctors learning to do Urolift®. This was the first of many throughout the year as we became one of the largest teaching centers in the U.S. for Urolift to treat BPH.
  • Dr. Pugach attended the International Prostate Focal Therapy meeting in Washington, DC


  • Evans Tran, PA does an Interstim Implant Trial, assisted by Dr. Pugach. She is the first Physician Assistant certified to do this in Southern California. Bravo Evans!
  • We increased our Telehealth patient availability in response to Covid-19.


  • Dr. Pugach taught HIFU in Las Vegas, resuming a busy teaching schedule after a pause due to Covid-19.


  • Dr. Pugach and Evans attended the Urolift Experts Meeting as members of the teaching faculty.
  • In an effort to support our First Responders at Los Alamitos Hospital and local Police and Fire Departments during these challenging times, we sponsored and delivered lunch and dinner to all employees of Los Alamitos Medical Center and to our first responders in our Police and Fire Departments.


  • Evans Tran, PA conducted a national Webinar for PA’s (Physician Assistants) and Nurse Practitioners (NP) to teach them about Urolift.
  • Dr. Pugach was interviewed by KRLA 870 AM radio to discuss HIFU and the local surgeon network in Southern California. Airing was in September, during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.
  • Dr. Pugach led a local effort to improve the quality of MRI reporting for prostate cancer.
  • PCUMC was honored by Michelle Steele, Chairwoman Supervisor, Second District and Los Alamitos Chamber of Commerce for stepping up and feeding our local police and fire departments. We were honored for donating meals to department employees and officers who keep our city safe!


  • Dr. Pugach expanded his HIFU teaching to a new center in Encino.



  • Evans Tran, PA conducted a Virtual chat on bladder control problems. December
  • We hired a medical scribe to increase office efficiency and decrease waiting times! Welcome Jenny!

Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year!

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