Precision Focused Biopsies: A New Way to See If You Have Prostate Cancer

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Precision Focused Biopsies: A New Way to See If You Have Prostate Cancer

By Robert Pugach, MD, December 2nd 2016

I’ve been a practicing urologist for just over 30 years. I have always stressed the importance of annual prostate screening because early diagnosis saves lives. While some feel that delaying the diagnosis or treatment of prostate cancer is justified, rising death rates from prostate cancer show that this approach is ill advised.

Prostate cancer is detected with a 15 second prostate examination and a blood test. If either of those are abnormal, a prostate biopsy is the next step. It’s virtually painless. I can vouch for that because I just had one done!

Traditional biopsies are done with ultrasound guidance in the office. Now, there is a dramatic improvement in biopsy procedures. For the first time, urologists have the remarkable imaging advances that most other areas of medicine use in biopsies of other areas of our bodies, including breasts, kidneys, bones, abdominal masses, etc. Until now, doing a prostate biopsy did not benefit from the precision of real time imaging to direct a biopsy needle into an abnormal area.

At Western States HIFU, we are proud to be the first private practice in the Western United States to offer UroNav – an advanced technology for patients who may have prostate cancer! This is truly a potential game changer in both diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

UroNav is a software program that fuses MRI images of the prostate with instant ultrasound images from our state-of-the-art GE Medical Systems Ultrasound system. Our new, GE Logic 8 is one of the most sophisticated ultrasound units in the world, allowing us to merge MRI data with ultrasound images, so our patients get the most precise biopsies possible. This can result in little or no damage to surrounding prostate tissue! UroNav has the potential to diagnose and treat prostate cancer with more precision than ever before!

What does UroNav mean for you?

I can give you proper information and counseling about your prostate cancer so you can choose among many treatment options that include surveillance (watchful waiting), radical robotic surgery, radiation (from proton beams to cyberknifes), cryoablation and the latest FDA-approved High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). We are the most experienced HIFU practice in the western United States to help you navigate all of your treatment options and choose what is best for your cancer.

UroNav in detail:

We begin with a state-of-the-art multiparametric MRI. Once MRI images are acquired, they are transmitted to our offices and uploaded into the UroNav software platform. UroNav then “fuses” the MRI images into our GE ultrasound system so I can aim exactly where abnormal areas are located. There is an even more amazing concept to fusion targeted biopsies with UroNav. We can fuse the biopsy images with the Sonablate HIFU treatment system so I can target specific areas of cancer in the prostate while sparing healthy tissue. The result is shorter treatment times, faster recovery periods and better cancer treatment outcomes.

Men are travelling to our offices from all over the country because of our experience and excellent outcomes. With the addition of UroNav, I’m proud to remain at the forefront of the latest in targeted biopsies and focal HIFU treatment.

Western States HIFU is one of the leading medical practices in the US specializing in diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Call, 888-735-4336 today!

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